Side A set to mesmerize fans once again with a spectacular one-night concert at Newport Performing Arts Theater

Get ready to be transported back to the nostalgic era of the 90s as the legendary band Side A announces an exciting one-night gig at the esteemed Newport Performing Arts Theater on June 1 at 8 pm.

Titled “Side A: Then & Now, The Repeat,” this highly anticipated concert is set to captivate fans with a remarkable lineup of their iconic hits, including beloved classics like “Hold On,” “Heart of Mine,” “Sailing,” and “All I Need.”

As the melodic tunes fill the air, a wave of nostalgia will sweep over the audience, evoking cherished memories of love stories and unforgettable moments from this extraordinary era.

Tickets for this remarkable event are now available for purchase. Platinum tickets are priced at P5,500, SVIP tickets at P4,500, VIP tickets at P3,500, gold tickets at P2,500, silver tickets at P1,500, and bronze tickets at P800.