Buffer against brownouts: Napocor buys gensets for El Nido as power demand spikes

The National Power Corporation (Napocor) is taking proactive steps to ensure the experience of tourists flocking to El Nido, Palawan won’t be spoiled by brownouts.

The state-run power firm said it has procured power generators to electrify El Nido during peak periods when demand is particularly high due to the entry of tourists.

The generator sets, which were purchased from the Middle East, are set to be operational in the island getaway by May 28.

Napocor said the construction of an additional 6-megawatt diesel plant in the island is underway to augment the 3 MW power generated by a rented facility.

El Nido has an available supply of 4.097 MW, but the uptick in tourist arrivals pushed power demand to as high as 6.047 MW per day.

Inflation eases to 6.1% in May

The country’s inflation rate eased to 6.1 percent in May, the lowest year-on-year figure recorded since July 2022, according to a report released by the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA).

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