Claudia Diaz Cojuangco continues grandpa Danding’s legacy in sports as DLSU Lady Spikers’ team manager

Claudia Diaz Cojuangco proudly carries on the esteemed Cojuangco family legacy of sporting excellence.

Inspired by her grandfather Danding Cojuangco’s role as team manager for the DLSU Green Archers men’s basketball team, Claudia has embraced her own role as the team manager for the DLSU Lady Spikers.

Danding, renowned for his unwavering support and guidance, played a crucial part in leading the DLSU Green Archers to numerous victories and championships. Now, Claudia mirrors this same drive and commitment as she lends her support to the DLSU Lady Spikers on their path to success.

In a recent display of resilience and determination, the DLSU Lady Spikers orchestrated a remarkable comeback, clinching a memorable victory against the formidable NU Lady Bulldogs in Game 2 of the women’s finals. This exhilarating triumph marked a crowning moment for the team in the 85th UAAP, solidifying their position as the Season 85 Champion Volleyball team.