BTS’ Jungkook surpasses Messi as the most popular individual hashtag on YouTube

The immense influence of BTS’ golden maknae on social media has once again taken center stage, as he surpasses football icon Messi to claim the title of the most frequently used individual hashtag in YouTube history.

The hashtag #Jungkook has been utilized in 2.9 million videos, surpassing the usage of #Messi by a margin of 100,000 on the popular streaming platform.

This trend showcases the ongoing rivalry between K-pop idols and football stars, as Jungkook’s fellow BTS member Jimin secures the third spot, closely followed by Messi’s competitor, Christiano Ronaldo.

Hit Vermeer show ends in Amsterdam

Amsterdam’s famous Rijksmuseum drew the curtain Sunday on its “most successful” exhibition featuring paintings of Dutch master Johannes Vermeer, saying hundreds of thousands of art lovers flocked to the capital for the blockbuster show.