Kaya pala blooming! Tessa Prieto hints at new beau

Socialite Tessa Prieto has moved on from bilyonaryo Dennis Valdes after their 26-year marriage crumbled.

The flamboyant “Sea Princess” hinted about a budding relationship in a recent interview with dermatologist to the stars Vicki Belo.

On Belo’s vlog, Prieto opened up about the newfound lightness in her being. “My new love is giving me that,” she quipped.

Belo agreed that the new romance seems to be doing wonders for Prieto.

“This is the best I’ve seen her so blooming, so feeling loved!” she exclaimed.

While Prieto did not disclose who’s making her heart aflutter, she said she is in a really happy place at the moment.

“That day, remember, I went straight to you [Belo]. You said: me time, quiet for two months –– and then things will just fall into place,” she shared.

Prieto said her parents were supportive, albeit cautious, of her new romance.

“They just want to make sure that I won’t get hurt again — you know I’m still a child to my parents,” she said.