AIA Philippines foresees bright future amid growth opportunities, financial security

AIA Philippines remains optimistic about its future prospects as it capitalizes on the significant growth opportunities arising from the wide protection gap, low insurance penetration rate, and the financial uncertainties caused by the pandemic.

In a statement, the company emphasized its commitment to developing solutions that cater to customers’ long-term savings, protection and healthcare needs, with a strong focus on leveraging digital technology and analytics to support customer and distribution journeys.

AIA Philippines highlighted that its product portfolio for the year would be driven by the heightened awareness of the importance of protection and health and wellness, along with the preference for guaranteed benefits stemming from the post-pandemic financial insecurity.

“This year, we will launch new funds that will enhance our current offerings, as well as products with guaranteed benefits, also more health-focused products that will strengthen the propositions from AIA Philippines and MediCard,” AIA Philippines chief investment officer Lee Longa said.

“With AIA and MediCard in the Philippines coming together, we will become the healthcare partner of choice for Filipinos. We are committed to work together to make healthcare more accessible, more affordable and more effective for everyone,” said newly-appointed MediCard Philippines CEO Julian Mengual.