Korina Sanchez’s heartwarming tribute to her household help will make you appreciate your own helpers

Korina Sanchez, a well-known journalist and television host, recently shared a heartfelt message on Instagram expressing her gratitude to her household help.

She credited them for their hard work and dedication in caring for and bringing up her children Pepe and Pilar.

In her post, Korina thanked each and every single one of them, including Jessica, Maricel, Roseann, Brenda, and MarkJohn. She shared how important they are to her family and how much she appreciates all the work they do. She even referred to them as family and celebrated them on Labor Day.

Korina’s post is a touching reminder of the important role that household help plays in many families. It is not uncommon for Filipino households to have a staff of helpers who take on a wide range of tasks, from cooking and cleaning to caring for children and the elderly. These individuals become an integral part of the family and are often treated with love and respect.

Korina’s message is also a reminder that we should take the time to appreciate those who work tirelessly behind the scenes to make our lives easier. Whether it’s household help, frontline workers, or essential employees, they all deserve recognition and appreciation for the work they do.