Jaime and Fernando Zobel let loose and join the crowd at 189 Musikachill Festival

The Ayala Triangle Gardens came alive with music and merriment during the 189 Musikachill festival, a celebration that brought together the #WeAreAyala community.

The festival, attended by 5,000 people, saw the likes of Ayala bigwigs Jaime Augusto and Fernando Zobel as well as JAZA’s daughter Mariana and son Jaime Alfonso in attendance, mingling with the staff and supporters.

The highlight of the night? The executives, sans bodyguards, joined the crowd and even took photos with them!

As musical acts like Ely Buendia, Rivermaya, and Gigi de Lana serenaded the attendees, the festive mood was palpable.

This successful event is a testament to Ayala’s commitment to engaging with their community, and their unwavering dedication to being one of the most beloved companies in the Philippines.