Bohol Bee Farm and more: Em Aglipay Villar’s family vacation highlights

Em Aglipay Villar, wife of Senator Mark Villar, knows the value of spending quality time with her family.

She recently shared photos of their family trip to Bohol on her social media, showing the world how much she cherishes these moments.

In the photos, Em, Mark, and their daughter Emma can be seen enjoying the beautiful views of the ocean, visiting the Bohol Bee Farm, and making sweet memories together.

Emma jumped into the swimming pool, while Em and Mark are sharing a lot of sweet moments. They also took a lot of photos as memories of their trip.

Em captioned her post with a heartfelt message, “Family time and I feel fiiiiiine.

“Her post conveys the joy and happiness that comes from spending time with loved ones. She also used the song “These are the Days” by James Cullum as the background music of her reel, adding to the overall warmth and positivity of her post.