Rodent surprise: Rat ruins family’s meal at Tong Yang resto in Cebu

A family dining at Tong Yang Plus restaurant in Cebu was horrified to see a rat climbing on top of a nearby table while they were enjoying their meal.

Facebook user Deace Barbera said she reported the rodent sighing to the manager but the latter seemed dismissive.

Tong Yang Plus is part of the Vikings Group. It offers unlimited grill and hot pot to customers.

“When the manager approached us, he said that this rat came from somewhere but not inside their restaurant. He was speaking in Cebuano so we don’t really understand it all,” Babiera wrote. “Bottom line we can’t eat anymore because of the rat that we saw but we still paid for our meal.”

Babiera shared a photo of the rat they spotted as proof.

“This is a bit disappointing since they didn’t show any signs of urgency on the matter,” she added.