UST builds vaccine institute to combat future pandemics

The University of Santo Tomas is taking the initiative to build a vaccine institute that will enable Filipino scientists to invent, test, and manufacture vaccines for COVID-19, African swine flu, tuberculosis, and other future diseases.

The aim is to create a platform for genetically engineerable vaccines, which will help in the development of vaccines for future pandemics.

The construction of the laboratory is taking time, but it is an exciting prospect, according to molecular biologist Fr. Nicanor Austriaco.

He is currently training a PhD student and three MA students in the laboratory, which is focused on developing COVID-19 vaccines and African swine fever vaccines.

Rather than wait around the fence for vaccines developed by other countries in case a new pandemic strikes, University of Santos Tomas is planning to build a vaccine institute where Filipino scientists can invent, test and manufacture vaccines for diseases like COVID-19, African swine flu, tuberculosis, and other future diseases.

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