Hindy Weber Tantoco’s ordinary walk with her dog turns out to be eventful

Hindy Weber Tantoco was out on her routine walk with her beloved dog when she had an unexpected encounter that changed her perspective.

In her first Instagram story, Hindy playfully poked fun at her dog, thanking him for taking her out for a walk. However, as they continued their stroll, Hindy met her “life guru.”

The life guru turned out to be a child scribbling on the street curb with chalk. The child had written, “I love me,” a simple yet profound message that struck a chord with Hindy. The message was a reminder of the importance of self-love and acceptance in a world where we are often critical of ourselves.

Hindy shared this experience on her social media platform. Her post encourages her followers to reflect on their own self-worth and to practice self-love daily.