Show me the money! Tito Sotto claims P400 million in political ads missing from ‘Eat Bulaga’

Former Senate President Tito Sotto has rejected claims by the family of former Congressman Romy Jalosjos that the country’s longest-running variety show, “Eat Bulaga,” is facing financial troubles.

Sotto pointed out that TAPE, the producer of “Eat Bulaga” and controlled by the Jalosjos family, booked P231 million in net profit in 2021.

He told GMA News that TAPE should have earned more in 2022, considering that it was a presidential election year and COVID-19 restrictions had eased.

“But we were informed that over P400 million in political ads that were placed in ‘Eat Bulaga’ vanished. You should ask TAPE where the money went,” said Sotto, who is part of the comedic trio Tito, Vic & Joey (TVJ) that has hosted the noontime show for the past 43 years.

“We were surprised that they would claim that ‘Eat Bulaga’ is losing money. It is TAPE that is losing money, not the program,” said Sotto.

Sotto said that the Jalosjos children, who took over management of TAPE in January of this year, cited financial issues as the main reason for their plan to rebrand the show by revamping its hosts and creative team.

In addition to the missing political ad revenues, Sotto also revealed that TAPE owed his partners Vic Sotto and Joey de Leon P30 million each in unpaid talent fees from 2022.

He also said that TAPE had not shown proof that it had remitted the taxes withheld from its talents.

“Why revamp the show when it is earning and rating well? What do they know about producing the show when they have not been involved in the creative side since 1979?” Sotto said.


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