The playful side of parenting: Jon-Jon Rufino and his kids’ mischievous antics

Jon-jon Rufino is a devoted father who is well-known to his Instagram followers for his loving and attentive parenting.

His children, Lilith and Lucian, are fortunate to have a dad who enjoys spending time with them and indulging their adorable antics.

While they may have occasional disagreements, Jon-jon ensures that his children are content and living life to the fullest.

In a recent Instagram post, Jon-jon shared a picture of Lilith playfully placing a cone of shame around the neck of Stephen Lim, who was visiting them at the time. Instead of scolding Lilith for her playful prank, Jon-jon playfully pondered what Stephen could have done to deserve such punishment.

In the photo, Lilith is grinning mischievously in the background, while Stephen wears the cone around his neck.

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