Abba Napa’s delectable journey at Forum Restaurant: A Cantonese food adventure

Abba Napa has always been a foodie at heart.

Recently, she took to Instagram to share her love for Cantonese cuisine, particularly her favorite dishes from Forum Restaurant, a 3-Michelin starred Cantonese restaurant.

In her Instagram stories, Abba shared photos of some of the best dishes she tried at Forum. The first photo she shared was of what she calls “the best empty shell out there,” followed by a contender for the best hakaw in town.

Abba also raved about the siomai, claiming that even siomai detractors will falter.

Another dish that Abba championed was the fried then braised fish head claypot, which she described as a winner in her book. She then took a snap of what she called the “tofu nuggets of your adulthood dreams,” which looked like crispy golden brown tofu cubes.

Abba’s Instagram stories gave her followers a taste of the delectable Cantonese dishes that Forum has to offer. Her passion for food was evident in her photos, and it was clear that she enjoyed every bite of the dishes she tried.

With her recommendations, it’s hard not to want to try out Forum Restaurant and experience the flavors of Cantonese cuisine firsthand.