A pilgrimage to remember: Cyndi Fernandez Beltran’s Easter journey to The Vatican

Cyndi Fernandez Beltran’s recent pilgrimage to The Vatican in Rome, Italy, for Easter Mass was an unforgettable journey.

Despite facing opposition from many people, Cyndi and her family were resolute in their determination to attend the Vatican on Easter Sunday.
Having secured just one ticket through her uncle, a priest, Cyndi and her family queued up at 6:45 am for the 10 am mass. Surprisingly, the crowd was manageable if you arrived early, and time passed quickly. To their delight, the guards did not even check their ticket, and they found seats near the aisle in the 12th row.

For Cyndi, the experience of hearing the most beautiful Latin mass on a gorgeous Easter morning was surreal. She captioned her post on social media, saying, “It was goosebumps all the way through.” The high point of the mass was Pope Fransisco’s message about happiness, which left an indelible impression on her.

“I will always remember Pope Fransisco’s message about happiness and thank him for those words,” she said. “I always look back to them when things get shaky or when I need to reflect on how I want my life to be.”

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