Annette Gozon Valdes shares her New Zealand food trip: From kajun-style seafood to Japanese fine dining

Foodie alert!

Annette Gozon and her husband Shintaro Valdes are currently in New Zealand, and they recently stumbled upon a new restaurant that quickly became their favorite spot: Kickin’ Inn Zetland. This restaurant is renowned for its unique Kajun-style seafood and delectable sauces, which are a must-try for seafood enthusiasts.

The GMA senior vice president shared photos and videos of the mouth-watering dishes and the cozy ambiance of Kickin’ Inn Zetland on her Instagram account. From seafood platters to crab legs, the couple savored every dish to the fullest. The friendly staff of the restaurant also added to their delightful dining experience.

Although Kickin’ Inn Zetland has become a new favorite, Annette shared in another Instagram story that Shintaro still prefers Sake Restaurant and Bar for Japanese fine dining. This upscale restaurant is famous for its delectable dishes and exquisite dining experience.

Annette and Shintaro’s gastronomic adventures in New Zealand continue, and who knows, they might discover more amazing restaurants in the days to come.