Mae Coyiuto shares emotional lockdown memory on Instagram

Such a vivid memory.

In a recent Instagram story, Mae Coyiuto shared an emotional memory from March 28, 2020.

She vividly remembers writing a scene during lockdown with Pipay Tan that got her emotional. In the story, Mae writes late into the night, and highlights a paragraph that speaks to the challenges of parenting and acceptance.

“Our world is already so tough on people who are different, Chloe. My job as a parent is to shield my son from the things he fears in this world, not add to it.” Mae pauses and shakes her head. “But what do I do when I’m the one he’s afraid of?”

This poignant moment captures the challenges that many parents face when it comes to raising children who are different. It also speaks to the importance of acceptance and empathy, and the need to create a more inclusive world for everyone.

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