Unkabogable Dabarkads? TVJ’s Eat Bulaga might switch to TV5 to form back-to-back noontime feast with Vice Ganda’s Showtime

Is the noontime TV landscape about to get a major shakeup?

The comedic trio of Tito, Vic & Joey (TVJ) might be making a move to TV5 and teaming up with Vice Ganda’s “Showtime” for a back-to-back noontime extravaganza that could blow the competition out of the water.

Babbler said TVJ is in talks with Albee Benitez’s Brightlight Productions to bring their long-running show “Eat Bulaga” from GMA 7 to TV5.

This move comes as a backup plan for TVJ in case they are forced out of “Eat Bulaga” by the show’s producer, TAPE, which was recently taken over by the children of congressman Romeo Jalosjos.

TVJ has given the Jalosjos management until April 11 to consider their offer to settle their dispute over control of TAPE.

If talks break down, TVJ maintains that they own the “Eat Bulaga” brand and can take it to another TV network, including TV5 or Net 25 of Iglesia Ni Cristo (where TVJ already has some programs).

Initial negotiations have started with both networks, but TV5 appears to be the most appealing option, especially with the possibility of a back-to-back programming with “Showtime,” which used to be “Eat Bulaga’s” bitter rival in the prime lunchtime hours.

This potential transfer to TV5 could also explain the recent friendly interaction between the two shows’ hosts. Vice Ganda was thrilled by the birthday greeting from Joey de Leon and his co-hosts from “Eat Bulaga,” hinting at a possible reconciliation between the two camps.

If TVJ decides to bring the whole gang to TV5, this will make the Pangilinan network the undisputed king in the prime noontime block from 12 PM to 3 PM and leave Felipe Gozon’s GMA with a gaping hole in its programming.

(Bilyonaryo.com reported earlier that TAPE was eyeing to bring in celebrity host Willie Revillame, who has just resigned from AllTV, as replacement for TVJ).


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