Pizza Hut takes grilled balut to the next level with new pizza creation

Discover the latest culinary sensation that Pizza Hut has cooked up – the Grilled Balut Pizza!

Taking the already trendy grilled balut to new heights, this pizza is a match made in heaven for adventurous eaters looking for something new to excite their taste buds.

Experience the mouthwatering combination of pizza goodness and the distinct flavor of grilled balut in every bite.

And for an even more authentic dining experience, enjoy your Grilled Balut Pizza with the included skewers, just like a traditional BBQ.

If you’re looking for a unique and delicious way to satisfy your hunger, Pizza Hut’s Grilled Balut Pizza is a must-try.

However, keep in mind that this announcement might just be an April Fools’ prank for those who are eager to order.