Trillanes: Overhaul of military pension system unlikely due to expected opposition

Former Senator Antonio Trillanes said that overhauling the military pension system is currently close to impossible due to expected opposition from government forces.

Trillanes emphasized that attempts to overhaul the system in the past were unsuccessful, citing the administrations of former Presidents Aquino and Duterte.

He argued that elected representatives are better equipped to propose such measures because they can gauge what can be taken away and what can be given.

Trillanes referred to the fixed term law as an example of a contentious issue among military officials.

Trillanes expressed doubt about Diokno’s statement that the current system could cause financial collapse, blaming the Finance Secretary for the doubling of the national debt during President Duterte’s term.

Instead of pushing for an overhaul immediately, he suggested introducing a formulaic provision of the Enlisted Personnel Bill at a later time to transition military personnel’s salary grades gradually.

China inflation stays low as growth sputters

Chinese inflation came in flat again in May, official figures showed Friday, as the country’s economy sputters owing to softening demand and falling exports, leading to calls for a rate cut and a bigger government stimulus.