Student athlete dies during football game, CSA issues statement

Twitter is set afire when reports of a 14-year-old football player collapsed and died from suspected heat exhaustion at the RIFA Tournament, according to an alleged screenshot of a parents’ group chat.

The incident reportedly happened at a high school where some parents criticized the school for not having paramedics on standby at the event.

One of the parents, who claimed to be at the scene, said that the player was rushed to Cardinal Hospital where medical personnel tried to revive him but he was pronounced DOA.

Another claimed that the player was already asking for a water break before he collapsed but because his team was lacking players, he was not given an opportunity to rest. Since the parents were not present, the father only knew that his son collapsed and passed away when he was already at the hospital.

A video clip was also circulating online but netizens chose to not share the post until it is fully verified.

In the most recent development, Colegio de San Agustin issued a statement, confirming the death of their student athlete. However, they refrained to comment on the cause of death pending further investigation.

It enjoined the school community to seek available support from their wellness office and vowed to provide all possible assistance to the family.

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