Leandro Leviste flaunts Solar Philippines’ angel investor

Techpreneur Leandro Leviste, a rising star in the renewable energy sector, has revealed that he has received support from Eric Francia, the CEO of AC Energy, an Ayala-owned company.

Leviste, who is the son of Senator Loren Legarda, posted photos of a recent meeting with Francia, referring to him as an “angel investor” in his renewable energy startup Solar Philippines.

On June 25, 2021, Solar Philippines pledged all of its SPNEC shares to AC Energy as part of a P1 billion loan that was extended by the Ayala unit. This loan is part of a joint venture agreement, in which AC Energy has gained majority control of Leviste’s Solar Philippines Power Projects Holdings, which is working on solar projects in central Luzon.

With AC Energy’s strong commitment to renewable energy, it is possible that a strategic investment in Solar Philippines could be the next step for the company.