A night to remember: Charlene Singson’s birthday celebration at House of Wagyu

Trish Singson made sure her sister Charlene’s birthday was celebrated in a grand manner at the House of Wagyu, and it turned out to be an unforgettable night.

The House of Wagyu is famous for its cozy atmosphere and premium beef delicacies, making it the perfect venue for the celebration.

Trish shared her joy with her followers on social media and expressed her heartfelt emotions with a simple yet touching caption that read, “Your happiness is my happiness.”

The Singson family is renowned for their wealth and power, and it was no surprise that Charlene’s father, Chavit Singson, joined the festivities to celebrate his daughters’ special day. As the head of the family, he was proud of his daughters and their strong bond, and his smile showed it all.

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