Fuentebella-Trota’s Max’s Group Inc. outperforms pre-pandemic levels by 63% in organic profitability

Max’s Group Inc., owned by the Fuentebella-Trota family, reported a historic surge in organic income at 163 percent of pre-pandemic levels, marking an 8x multiple compared to 2021.

MGI, which boasts a strong core portfolio of brands, achieved a net income of P622 million last year, surpassing its 2021 statutory earnings of P451 million.

The successful implementation of strategic initiatives enabled the company to overcome economic headwinds, resulting in a 63 percent outperformance compared to pre-pandemic levels.

MGI recently commissioned a consolidated commissary, which enhances its manufacturing capabilities and expands the company’s growth potential into food retail and B2B segments.

The company’s robust performance is reflected in its system wide sales generated from company-owned and franchised stores, which jumped 41 percent to P17.6 billion, while its consolidated revenues grew by 44 percent to P10.98 billion.

In addition, the company’s local same-store sales growth skyrocketed by 43 percent , while global SSSG increased by 36%, indicating that the company maximized opportunities as the market continued to open, bolstered by relaxed restrictions and holiday demand surge in the fourth quarter.

MGI’’s store network covers 14 territories, with 612 Philippine sites and 66 stores situated across various locations in North America, the Middle East, and Asia.

The company is the largest operator in the Philippine casual dining segment, boasting an impressive family of brands that includes Max’s Restaurant, Pancake House, Yellow Cab Pizza Co., Krispy Kreme, Jamba Juice, Max’s Corner Bakery, Teriyaki Boy, Dencio’s, Sizzlin’ Steak, Maple, Max’s Kabisera, Le Coeur De France, and Singkit.

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