Even my dog won’t eat anything I cook!’ Robina Gokongwei-Pe admits she’s no kitchen pro

Bilyonaryo Robina Gokongwei-Pe may be a successful business executive, but she admits she couldn’t even fry an egg for breakfast.

The president and CEO of food manufacturer Universal Robina Corp. shared the ironic story of how she and her sisters are actually noobs in the kitchen, despite their family’s strong food business portfolio.

“In 2014, our mom published My Angkong’s Noodles, a cookbook ‘dedicated to our immigrant grandmothers and great-grandmothers who had to work daily at the stove’ as she wrote in the foreword. The recipes are not hers alone but also those of her Chinoy friends,” she shared on Facebook.

The cookbook has been reprinted by Summit, their family’s company, and is being sold at P1,500 each as a fundraiser for the Gokongwei Brothers Foundation.

“While our Mom did say that the book was dedicated to our ancestors, sister Lisa who heads the publishing house thinks that Mom was in reality venting her frustration as none of her five daughters can cook and any attempt at frying an egg turns into scrambled egg turns into burnt blob,” Robina added. “Lisa also can’t remember why the book was called Angkong’s Noodles when it was Amah who did all the cooking.”

Robina was candid with her lack of skills behind the stove.

“I can’t cook and even my dog Peppo won’t eat anything i attempt to cook,” she added. “But I assure you that the dishes compiled from several Chinoy kitchens famous for their dishes in My Angkong’s Noodles will bring you to Gatronomy Fantasyland.”