Child prodigy: Artist Ronald Ventura can draw Voltes V before he learned to write

Renowned contemporary artist Ronald Ventura already knew his life’s calling at a young age.

On the March 13 episode of Usapang Bilyonaryo on CNN Philippines, Ventura said he used to spend his time as a child drawing on the walls of their family home.

The door to his family’s ancestral home witnessed it all, with Ventura recalling that he could already draw Voltes V, the popular anime at the time, before he could finish writing the alphabet in order.

“Sa pinto, may naka-drawing na Voltes V tapos ‘yung letter niya, nag-stop siya hanggang J-K lang. The rest ng alphabet parang hindi ko na alam during that time,” Ventura shared. “So, ibig sabihin bago ko ma-complete ‘yung alphabet – ng Z – naka-drawing na ko ng Voltes V.”

Ventura eventually found his way to the most exclusive art circles despite growing up in a often-flooded town and crossing through raging floods in his youth.

His first formal art training began when he was in Grade 5 under Fernando Sena, and the rest is history.