Michael Lhuillier celebrates birthday with family and friends

Cebu-based businessman and philantrophist Michael Lhuillier recently celebrated his birthday with a grand bash that was nothing short of spectacular.

The event was organized by his loving wife Joanna Lhuillier, who pulled out all the stops to make sure that her husband had a memorable celebration with his closest friends.

The venue, a stunning rooftop bar, provided the perfect backdrop for the occasion, with a breathtaking view of the city lights in the background.

Michael and Joanna posed for photos in front of the twinkling skyline, with huge smiles on their faces, clearly enjoying the festive atmosphere.

Guests were treated to an indulgent spread of wine, champagne, and sumptuous food including seafood paella.

Two of Michael’s three sons were present to share in the festivities, making the evening even more special for the Lhuillier family.

To cap off the celebration, fireworks lit up the night sky.

Michael took to social media to express his gratitude to his wife for organizing such a wonderful event and to all his friends who made the night a truly memorable one.