Nikki Huang wishes sister Belle a happy 18th birthday

As the world continues to rely on social media for connection and celebration, it’s no surprise that Nikki Huang took to Instagram to wish her beloved sister Belle a very happy 18th birthday.

In a heartfelt message, Nikki shared her adoration for her sister, calling her “my best friend, golden light, and shining star.” The accompanying photos only reinforced their strong bond, with the first showing the sisters on the beach – Belle in a stunning bikini, while Nikki opted for a chic one-piece. The second photo captured them watching a breathtaking sunset over the sea, while the third and fourth photos showcased the duo glammed up in matching colors.

But the birthday greetings didn’t stop there. Nikki shared more travel and event photos, giving a glimpse into the sisters’ shared experiences and adventures. And of course, the day wouldn’t be complete without a message of love and well wishes, with Nikki concluding her post with a simple yet powerful “I love you Belle, happy birthday.”