Too big to go malling? Dog owner irked by SM Bacoor’s pet policy

A fur mom is up in arms after she and her dog were allegedly discriminated by security personnel of SM Bacoor, which prides itself as a pet-friendly mall.

Issabela Villalino said two security guards informed her one day that her dog was “too big” to be walking around the mall even though they’ve been to SM Bacoor several times.

Villalino said her dog was on a leash and wearing a diaper inside the mall.

“Their approach is actually not friendly at all which in turn made us frustrated,” she shared, admitting that she got into a heated argument with the security guards about the seemingly arbitrary policy on bringing dogs.

“Stop claiming that you’re ‘Pet-friendly’ when you’re actually not and instead of hassling your customers/consumers, orient your personnel. I hope this reaches you, SM City Bacoor SM Supermalls,” Villalino added.

SM’s management has yet to release a statement about the incident.