Gone in 60 seconds: Luxury car dealer Hans Tan warns vs new GCash scam

Luxury Cars Manila owner Hans Tan has warned the public about a new GCash scam involving his name and a link where users would be fooled into typing their e-wallet credentials.

Tan said the modus involves a text message to a GCash user notifying him or her about a P25,000 deposited in their account. This will be followed by a text message from “Hans,” claiming that he missent the supposed car downpayment to the receiver.

The scammer will then call the user and ask that they log in using a GCash link to return the missent amount.

“Someome or a conpany is using our number sending FAKE GCASH texts saying we sent them ₱25,000. WE NEVER TRANSACT VIA GCASH,” Tan’s business page said in an advisory. “We have reported this to the authorities. Please disregard the text .. WE DID NOT SEND YOU MONEY.”

Tan specializes in high-value vehicles which come with bulletproof and armored windows and parts. His well heeled clientele include bilyonaryos, politikos and other VIPs.

The businessman said the scammers have been using a special SMS gateway that will let them send texts under GCash’s name even if it did not come from the Ayala-owned online bank.

“I already spoke to the cops and authorities,” Tan added. “These people target legit companies and use their info to scam others. Yan scam nila. They’re working on finding who is behind it na.”

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