Charles Tiu and wife Sari enjoy Dubai and Abu Dhabi

It wasn’t so bad after all.

Charles Tiu shared on Instagram fun happenings during his memorable trip to Dubai and Abu Dhabi with his wife Sari Lazaro.

Charles was relieved to have escaped the agony of losing a basketball game that he was a part of the coaching team even for a while.

In his post, Charles expressed his gratitude towards Sari, who had saved him from his misery by taking him on an enjoyable trip filled with delectable food and coffee dates. His caption read, “Nice food trips and coffee dates. Love you!”

During their trip, Charles and Sari visited The Barn Berlin UAE, a coffee shop known for its specialty coffee and cozy ambiance. Their experience at The Barn Berlin UAE was undoubtedly enhanced by the trendy and stylish products that Charles wore from Porsche Design Manila.

Overall, the trip proved to be a refreshing and rejuvenating experience for the couple, and it’s safe to say that Charles returned to the basketball court feeling energized and reinvigorated.