Happy Ongpauco-Tiu reunites with high school friends

So many memories!

Happy Ongpauco recently attended the birthday celebration of one of her high school friends, and it was a delightful reunion for her and her closest girl friends from back in the day.

The occasion gave Happy the opportunity to snap a photo with her “favorite seatmates,” Tiffy Lorenzana and Nina Guerrero.

Tiffy, who Happy describes as one of the smartest girls in school, played an integral part in helping Happy survive the rigorous academic demands of their school. Meanwhile, Nina was the mischievous one who often got Happy into trouble, especially when they were under the influence of their friend Tara Santos and Chat Fores.

Despite the trouble they may have caused in the past, it was clear from Happy’s Instagram post that their bond remains strong. There’s nothing quite like the nostalgia of reconnecting with old friends, and Happy was clearly grateful for the chance to do so.