Calling all young filmmakers: iACADEMY and Netflix launch mentorship program

iACADEMY has launched the iNDIEGENIUS project lab in partnership with Netflix, aiming to support emerging Filipino filmmakers.

The program invites young creatives to submit their short film concepts, which will be transformed into full-length films through a mentorship program and production grant from iACADEMY and Netflix.

Vanessa Tanco, president and CEO of iACADEMY, said iNDIEGENIUS is a testament to their commitment to finding and supporting artistic talent.

“iACADEMY has always been an advocate of arts and design and we’re committed to continuously find talent, encourage, inspire, and support them…The goal is to prepare our participants for their future as filmmakers and to empower them to tell local stories and share their distinct, cultural perspectives while setting them up for success,” Tanco said.

The program seeks to provide a space that inspires inclusivity and celebrates diversity.

With the aim of increasing representation on both sides of the camera, iNDIEGENIUS is focused on younger filmmakers who have not yet had the opportunity to create their first feature film.

“By supporting the next generation of filmmakers in the Philippines through iACADEMY’s iNDIEGENIUS program, we hope to increase representation in front of and behind the camera and support authentic stories that showcase the talent and skill of young filmmakers from across the Philippines,” said Amy Sawitta Lefevre, Netflix’s head of External Affairs, Asia-Pacific.

Two winners will be selected to receive a generous production and scholarship grant after a series of workshops.

The application deadline for this nationwide call is March 20, and interested applicants can submit their entries at

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