Lopez Group pushes national decarbonization plan

First Philippine Holdings Corp. (FPH) is pushing for a “comprehensive, integrated and well-studied national decarbonization and adaptation plan” as part of efforts to combat climate change.

During the 4th Philippine Environment Summit, FPH chairman Federico Lopez said the plan should be backed by scientific developments.

“Decarbonization has many aspects not only energy but also agriculture, waste, food,” he said.

Lopez said major developed cities have climate change action plans such as Tokyo, which has a network of underground tunnels and cisterns that can divert flooding with high-speed pumps.

He said Malaysia’S 9.7-km SMART Tunnel converts an underground roadway into a flood diversion tunnel when needed.

Lopez listed the cornerstones of the global energy transition, which includes the reduction of the carbon intensity of electricity, scaling up of energy efficiency, grid electrification, use of carbon neutral fuels for hard-to-reach sectors, and deployment of carbon capture use and storage.

FPH owns First Gen Corp., one of the leading providers of clean and renewable power in the country.