Smart offering more data plans at an affordable price

Smart Communications is offering moible plans with more data at a cheaper price.

Francis E. Flores, sVP and head of Consumer Business Group- Individual at Smart, said they continue to roll out more data packages at affordable price points.

Cost of mobile data in the Philippines is less than the world average, according to the latest Digital 2023 Global Overview Report, an annual report on worldwide social media and digital trends.

The study, which included information from Meltwater, We Are Social and, among other sources, found that the global average price of 1 gigabyte of mobile data is $3.12 (around P170). In the Philippines, it is way cheaper at about $0.52 (around P28).

“In this challenging landscape, we understand the importance of saya (joy), especially to our customers’ well-being and mental health. Through Affordaloads we are making digital connectivity affordable and accessible, keeping more Filipinos connected, entertained, and able to find joy and happiness despite these trying times,” Flores said.