Victor Consunji finally speaks up to defend himself against malicious attacks: Maggie Wilson facing multiple arrest warrants for adultery, cyberlibel

The plot just got messier.

Real estate magnate Victor Consunji released an official statement on the alleged “criminal acts” of his estranged wife Maggie Wilson.

In a statement, he said he had done his best to remain silent but Maggie’s “increased malicious online attacks” had pushed him to speak out.

Victor called Maggie’s behavior “abhorrent” and “undeserving of his attention” but the “persistent prodding and dissemination of misinformation” pushed him to say his side of the story.

So far, Maggie is facing 3 arrest warrants for adultery and 16 arrest warrants for cyberlibel.

He went on to say that Maggie mocks and does not respect the laws of the land as “she’s currently a fugitive” that Victor sees as an admission of her guilt.

Apart from the arrest warrants, Victor said Maggie also has to answer to multiple civil cases on “unrecovered funds and swindled investments.”

Victor also mentioned that her family is illegally living in his property.


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He also made mention of his son whose peace he said was disrupted by Maggie’s behavior. As a last word, he said he “will ensure to institute the appropriate legal proceedings” for every attack that Maggie will throw against him.

It looks like these two are nowhere near to a peaceful settlement.