Maggie Wilson responds to Victor Consunji’s accusations point by point

Maggie Wilson never backs down from a fight when she knows she’s right.

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Following the release of husband Victor Consunji’s official statement, Maggie released a three-page rebuttal to everything that was thrown at her.

First, she noticed that Victor used the phrase “my children” which Maggie must have taken as a possible indirect admission.

Second, Maggie claimed that she had suffered a great deal of pain.

Third, she revealed that she didn’t feel safe as Victor has multiple firearms.

Fourth, she is choosing to stay in countries where government officials have promised to protect her.

Fifth, she questioned why Victor still hasn’t filed for annulment if her behavior was so “abhorrent” in his words.

Sixth, she believes that because she knows too much of Victor’s bad practices, her estranged husband wants to silence her by putting her behind bars.

Seventh, she doubts she will have access to a fair trial as she didn’t receive prior notice that a case was filed before the arrest warrant was issued.

Maggie went on to address the swindling accusations as well as the claim that she does not have a valid lease contract.

She also lamented over the fact that Connor is growing up seeing different women coming to the house and receiving baby items “without proper communication from a father figure.”

Maggie feels that Connor is sad, scared, alone, and abandoned on top of not being allowed to speak or see his mom.

She also shared her frustration over the fact that only men could file adultery charges in the Philippines.

Maggie got a bit more personal and felt puzzled that even after years of unconditional love to a person who has had multiple affairs, she’s now being accused of adultery as a way to “deflect their own shortcomings.”

And lastly, she sees this as an opportunity to be a voice for women and children “who are going through the same thing (if not worse) even in the face of death.” She will always do it for the Philippines, a country she loves.

A few hours later, Maggie wasn’t done yet.

She enumerated everything that Victor said she was doing including harassment, abhorrent prodding, mockery, swindle, bullying, etc.

Maggie also slammed Victor for claiming to protect his children and his unborn daughter.

“I am just as perplexed as you are. We live in very different universes,” Maggie wrote.