Gov’t pushes nuclear power to improve long-term energy security

The Department of Energy (DOE) has bared plans to update the Philippine Energy Plan 2020-2030 to include nuclear power in the generation mix.

Michael O. Sinocruz, DOE director for the Energy Policy and Planning Bureau, said they also plan to lengthen the planning coverage until 2050.

“We’re now going to include nuclear so what will be the impact of nuclear in our energy mix in terms of reducing our CO2 emission, in terms of cost, among others. There will be several scenarios,” he said.

“We can include BNPP if that can still be rehabilitated, or we can build a new one, the conventional which is about 600 MW and above in capacity, and a scenario wherein we can tap the small nuclear reactor,” Sinocruz added.

Meanwhile,he said the Philippines received a “government-to-government” nuclear cooperation request with China following the visit of President Marcos to China recently.