Nakakahiya! MIAA security staff in hot water for viral patdown of ENHYPEN members

A personnel of the Manila International Airport has been slammed by fans of Kpop boy group ENHYPEN for her unprofessional behavior in patting down the members and unabashedly showing her glee at being able to touch them.

The video which went viral prompted the trending topic Nakakahiya, and has also been shared by ENGENES (ENHYPEN’s fandom) from different countries.

Screenshots of the female employee smiling after patting down the members also made rounds on social media.

Some called out her inappropriate behavior and even shared the only times when a pat down is required, given that the travelers have already gone through scanners.

Unprofessional also became a trending topic while MIAA Hear Us had fans calling for sanctions against the staff’s inappropriate behavior.

Meanwhile, the Office for Transportation Security under the Department of Transportation has issued a statement vowing to probe the matter. The agency said it would not tolerate unprofessional behavior from their staff.