Maggie Wilson and Tim Connor still question PH legal system and how it favors Victor Consunji

He’s not scared at all.

Tim Connor once more jumped into the battlefield and faced Victor Consunji using a weapon he knows best: sarcasm.

In the caption of his most recent Instagram post, he made his followers imagine a hypothetical scenario. What was the story? A man sends 30 officers to arrest his former wife and her “paramour” for allegedly having sex with each other based on sightings and Instagram images. The man was also at the same time planning for a new life to enter the world with a “friend”.

For Tim, 99% of countries’ legal systems would think something is “slightly off”…

But there are still cases that are “extraordinarily different…”

Then he wrote a legal disclaimer to make it clear where he stands:

“Legal Disclaimer: The individuals in this photograph are acting, the caption is just a “scenario” and the world is flat.”

The photo was himself and Maggie smiling.