Scammers beware! REGASCO, DOE spearhead LPG Law public awareness

Republic Gas Corp. (REGASCO) president and former LPGMA party-list representative Arnel Ty has called on fellow industry players to ensure the safe use of liquefied petroleum gas in the country in line with Republic Act 11592 or the Liquefied Petroleum Gas Industry Regulation Act.

Ty reiterated that the LPG Law is a major milestone in the efforts to promote safe LPG use in the Philippines.

“It not only protects citizens but also makes it easier for companies to operate while ensuring the safety and well-being of their customers,” he said.

Republic Act 11592 mandates all LPG companies to adhere to strict safety standards, regular inspections, and proper labeling and packaging of their products.

The law, which took effect in 2021, also provides consequences for non-compliance, including fines and imprisonment, to secure the protection of the public.

Ty took the lead in bringing together LPG dealers in a summit in San Fernando, La Union as part of an ongoing LPG Law public awareness campaign.

Aside from REGASCO, other dealers that joined the summit were Petron, Seagas, Gazolite, Liquigaz, Solane, Phoenix LPG, LPG Safety Foundation, LPGIA, LPGMA, South Pacific, Brenton International Venture Manufacturing, Ferrotech Steel, and Goodwill Metal.

The Department of Energy is the primary government agency responsible for the implementation and enforcement of RA 11592. It regulates, supervises, and monitors the LPG industry and all industry participants to ensure compliance with the health, safety, security, and environmental standards, the applicable Philippine National Standards, and other accepted codes and standards.