Korina Sanchez and family enjoyed their eye doctor appointment

It was a complete family day.

Korina Sanchez Roxas shared a unique way to spend family day: going all together to the eye doctor. Safe to say that it was a first for everyone including her three-year-olds Pepe and Pilar.

“Had to show the babies it was OK to be checked up. With Pepe’s small fatty bukol in the upper left eyelid and Pilar’s forever Miss Kuliti—- it is time,” Korina wrote in an Instagram post. And then for herself, she went ahead and got a cataract replacement.

During her time with the doctor, the twins were with their Pappi. And because they were so good that day, they were rewarded with cartoon time and the “fabulous” fried chicken as well as bibingka cheesecake at Wildflour.