Lucky Me vs Mi Goreng: Twitter question prompts hilarious online debate

A simple question by a Twitter user has caused a hilarious debate about the better instant fried noodle.

Is it Lucky Me Pancit Canton or Indomie’s Mi Goreng? Both brands trended in today’s Twitter topics.

Some easily picked between the two options. But there were others who could not resist throwing their favorites into the mix. The ultra spicy Buldak noodle was offered as a contender.

As was Nissin’s classic Yakisoba

As far as pancit canton goes, another netizen said that Payless Extra Big (which comes in different variants) is an underestimated gem.

With the amount of engagement that the original tweet received, we think it may be safe to say that a lot of Twitter users will drop by the grocery store to get both, or all of the suggested brands.