Inside job? Vehicle owners at BF Homes lose premium mags to thieves

A growing number of vehicle owners at BF Homes in Parañaque are growing distressed over the recent spate of theft involving car mags and wheels.

According to social media anecdotes, the thieves target cars parked along the subdivision streets inside BF Homes. At least two of the vehicles targeted were Toyota Fortuners.

Based on netizens’ tales, it appears the thieves have good taste. Many of the stolen tires were supposedly TE37 mags, which are among the most expensive. The original racing-quality wheels cost at least P16,000 each, on top of the cost of the rubber tires.

Some suspect an “inside job” might be involved in the series of thefts.

“Kung sa BF nangyari tigadyan lang yan, kasi mahirap pumasok jan pag wala kang friendship sticker,” one netizen speculated.

The incidents, however, have also sparked a debate: why did these car enthusiasts prioritize luxury tires over securing their car in a private garage or parking space?

“Kung pinangpagawa niyo muna ng car parking yung pinambili niyo ng mags, e di sana hindi kayo umiiyak ngayon,” one said.

“Pag sa streets ka nagpark, it’s like telling the thief that it’s up for grabs,” another said.

Others took it as a chance to promote stronger alarm systems for their cars.