Mahal pero ‘di masarap? Foodies divided on Wildflour, Dean & Deluca

Netizens are taking to Twitter to share their thoughts on whether four upscale restaurants are worth paying the price for good food.

The restaurants discussed by foodies were: Dean & Deluca, BCN by Las Flores, Nono’s, and Wildflour.

The debate started when a Twitter account claimed that the brands were all fluff, adding that the quality of food doesn’t match the prices on the menu.

“Mahal na nga, ang tabang pa. Magsara na kayo,” the tweet read.

Others echoed the thought.

It appears that Nono’s, owned by Chef Baba Ibazeta Benedicto, have a sizeable online following.

Amid the heated debate, some level headed netizens have advised keyboard warriors to just stay away from the restaurants if they find the prices too steep.