Ricky Razon’s Manila Water to spend P37.3B for massive wastewater projects

East zone concessionaire Manila Water controlled by ultra bilyonaryo Enrique K. Razon is spending P37.3 billion for the rehabilitation of natural waterways and upgrade of sanitation and sewerage services.

The massive investment will go to the construction of wastewater treatment facilities and sewer network across the Marikina River, San Juan River, Pasig River, and Laguna Lake systems.

Manila Water said these wastewater projects are designed to collect, convey, and treat wastewater generated within their respective catchment areas.

The company has earmarked P10.2 billion for the development of the San Mateo-Rodriguez and Quezon City East sewerage systems which will cater to customers in some portions of Marikina, San Mateo-Rodriguez, Antipolo, and eastern portions of Quezon City.

The two sewerage systems that will support the Marikina River System will serve around 129,000 residents by 2046.

Manila Water is also alloting P20 billion for the development of the Mandaluyong West, Quezon City South, and San Juan South Sewerage System which will cover portions of catchments draining towards San Juan River and Pasig River systems.

The project will have a capacity to treat 60 million liters of wastewater per day conveyed through a 53-kilometer sewer network.

About P2.8 billion, meanwhile, will be used by the company to construct the remaining segments of the North and South Pasig Sewerage System to help protect the Pasig River System.

The sewerage systems will have treatment provisions for households in Pasig and portions of Quezon City, Mandaluyong, Cainta, and Taytay.

Meanwhile, Manila Water’s P1.6-billion Hinulugang Taktak Sewerage System is already taking shape in Antipolo City.

The project will treat 16 million liters of wastewater per day before releasing it into waterways once completed.

These wastewater treatment facilities are part of Manila Water’s massive three-river system masterplan to help rehabilitate and protect natural waterways and provide its growing customer base with the best sanitation and sewerage services.

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