Overrated? Overpriced? Is Wildflour worth your money?

A netizen recently sparked a lively discussion on whether high-end restaurants like Wildflour are offering value for money with the food they serve.

On Twitter, netizen @AltA2ZChannel11 said that apart from being overpriced, food was bland in four restaurants — Ana Lorenzana de Ocampo’s Wildflour, cafe chain Dean & DeLuca, BCN by Las Flores and Nono’s.

This sparked a flurry of reactions from other netizens who accused Wildflour of being overrated compared to other local bake shops. They also called out the restaurant for nurturing an elitist mentality.

Other netizens, however, were quick to defend their favorite restaurant, Wildflour.

When it comes to food, expert Filipino foodies don’t hesitate to speak up, no matter what economic strata they come from.