Want to get a feel of Paris or New York? Come to NUSTAR Resorts and Casino

With the world moving on from over two years of pandemic restrictions, Robinsons Hotels & Resorts is ready to welcome travelers, foreign and local, to its luxurious NUSTAR Resorts and Casino, which is being eyed as a major tourist destination and landmark similar to the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

In an interview with Usapang Bilyonaryo with Ces Oreña-Drilon , Robinsons Land Corporation president and CEO Frederick Go said the top-tier property has three major villas for clients who appreciate the finer things in life and want to experience ultimate luxury and comfort.

“These are really built for them. It’s a unique luxury for them. Each of the villas have 3 to 4 bedrooms so it’s really for the top-tier clients of NUSTAR,” he said.

“I have every confidence that this NUSTAR will really be successful. Obviously, today we have challenges because of international travel but the world is opening up so it’s a matter of time when flights come back. This will be the place to visit,” he said.

Go said he envisions NUSTAR to be a premiere destination in Cebu for everyone who wishes to pay a visit.

“You know my dream is, if you come to Cebu, you must come to NUSTAR. If you don’t come to NUSTAR and you come to Cebu, parang ‘di ka nag Cebu. It’s like you go to Paris and you don’t take a selfie at the Eiffel Tower, and you go to New York but you go to the Statue of Liberty or Times Square so I want it to be like that. It’s a must-see!” he said.

While the target is for those who can afford luxurious vacations, there are also areas that are free to visit.

“You’re welcome to walk through our beautiful lobby. Take pictures, take selfies. For the first time in my life, people are texting me for restaurant reservations. I never thought that day would come. Every week I get maybe two texts. So I have to send a message, please accommodate this party of six,” he explained.

Go feels very positive because even now, people are flying from Manila to Cebu to spend time at NUSTAR and fly back the next day and this trend is mostly due to the pandemic.

“You only live once, actually you’re right. I think because of the pandemic people have also learned to appreciate life or to enjoy life and part of enjoying life is eating out, experiencing [things],” he said.


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