Don Papa Rum introduces new limited edition variant

Don Papa Rum has introduced a new variant to its roster.

The Sevillana, a blend of five and 15-year old rums that were originally aged for several years in American bourbon barrels and for another three years in Spanish Olosoro sherry casks and Andalusian Vino de Naranja.

What makes Sevillana special is the inclusion of Seville orange flavors that provide a fine aromatic element that blends perfectly with Don Papa’s signature vanilla notes.

Another thing that makes it special? It’s only produced on a limited-edition basis due to a limited number of available barrels for the Sevillana.

Still, Pinoy rum aficionados who truly make an effort to get their hands on this variant in selected premium hotels, bars, restaurants and duty free stores.

For those who are unable to get it, worry not. Don Papa Rum also has several other variants available including the Don Papa seven-year-old, Don Papa 10, Rare Cask, Sherry Cask, and Masskara.